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Modular lighting

Illuminated is a start up initiative with the ambition to offer tools for creating fantastic modular and recyclable lighting.

The light bulb as we knew it is no more, since 2009 there has been a gradual phasing-out of all incandescent light within the European Union. Similar development is occurring in many countries around the globe. The replacing technology has other characteristics. The life span is in many cases way longer than that of the old incandescent light bulb. This makes the need of changing light bulb in a lamp somewhat obsolete. The need is instead reversed. To change lamp during the life span of a light source.

This calls for a system change where our desire for novelty does not render in electronic waste. A system where materials and parts can be separated, reused and recycled.

The Illuminated light source is a tool to build fantastic, modular and recyclable lighting.